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Natural therapies for people & their animals


The Bowen Technique
Canine Bowen therapy
McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release
Applied Herbal Choices forAnimals
Indian Head Massage

I believe nobody should live in pain so my mission is to get you moving again so you can be the best version of yourself

I recognise that every body is different & every person or animal has a different story so each client's treatment path is tailored to their specific needs within a safe & nurturing environment. Your health & wellbeing is my priority & I can help you choose from a variety of services to ease your issues, whether you are suffering physical pain or discomfort, restricted movement, stress or anxiety, emotional upheaval or you just simply want a relaxing boost to your system.

Elly Adams Therapies - Bowen Therapy for people & dogs


A non-invasive technique which helps reset your system to relieve pain so you can feel once again like yourself

A subtle technique to rebalance your system's energies & help provide relief you of emotional upheaval

a non-invasive technique which helps reset the dog's system to relieve musculoskeletal pain & reduce anxiety helping them to become the dog you know again

Relief from tension in the shoulders, neck & forehead with an invigorating massage of the scalp

A gentle technique which aims to aid greater blood flow & lymphatic drainage in post trauma or post surgery scars allowing for the area to become  smoother & less problematic.

Working with your animal's innate ability to self select herbs to support their health & wellbeing

About me
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Elly Adams Therapies ECBS.SCBT

I first felt the benefits of Bowen Therapy for myself while recovering from a C-section & I was surprised at how, after only 2 sessions, my posture & mobility improved making me feel once again confident to continue my daily activities...

Delighted with my progress after Elly was recommended to me for Bowen Therapy. Elly is a superb therapist who treats her clients professionally and thoroughly. The therapy itself is non intrusive and also hugely relaxing resulting in the most satisfying sleep afterwards. I have had positive results to my very extensive list of issues and am so grateful to have found her. Elly understands chronic pain and her therapy, sympathetic approach and knowledge is first rate. Thank you so much Elly.


The difference in my dog after the Bowen treatments is remarkable, his symptoms improved and he was so much more comfortable. To watch him receive the treatment and to see him have an understanding of what is going on is really emotive. I highly recommend Elly and the Bowen Therapy, she truly has a special gift


Elly helped me to release trauma from a scar... It was a fascinating process which I have subsequently benefited from. Ely is passionate about her work and has a lovely way about her. I would recommend her highly.


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Elly Adams Therapies - Bowen Therapy in the Forest of Dean
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