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Elly Adams cert. ECBS SCBT 


I first felt the benefits of Bowen Therapy for myself while recovering from a C-section & I was surprised at how, after only 2 sessions, my posture & mobility improved making me feel once again confident to continue my daily activities.

Being a naturally curious person I wanted to investigate further. With no specific career background (having spent many years travelling or frequently moving & working in a wide variety of roles) I had reached a point where I wanted to focus on employment that would be both a challenge & a joy.  I wanted  to help people but I also wanted to work with animals & Bowen Therapy fulfilled both criteria. A few months after my own experience of  The Bowen Technique I began my training (while raising a young family) with The European College of Bowen Studies qualifying in June 2014. I immediately went on to train in Bowen Therapy for dogs with the School of Canine Bowen Therapy, qualifying in October 2015.

My natural curiosity & love of what I do keeps me learning to update my skills, add to my services  & increase my knowledge base in a vast array of subjects from anatomy to animal behaviour.

Experience of meeting  all sorts of people in different jobs & places I have lived has lead me to see each client as a unique individual with their own story. These stories impact the way clients experience their pain & is different for each person. Therefore each client’s treatment path is personalised to ensure they are given the best chance for recovery from their presenting symptoms.












Clients usually come to me because they are suffering with pain, stiffness or muscular tension. Their issues often impact on their ability to continue with daily activities as normal. Common presentations I see in my Bowen Therapy clinic are lower back pain, upper body & neck tension, hip, knee & shoulder restrictions (frozen shoulder in particular) frequent headaches & stress/anxiety related issues. The most common issue I see in my Canine Bowen Therapy clinic is dogs with chronic pain & stiffness related to osteoarthritis aswell as stress or anxiety linked to chronic pain. I aim to help clients recover from these &  other issues they may be suffering so that they can continue with the daily activities they were previously struggling with. 

I am fully insured to treat people of all ages, dogs & other small animals. I am a member of  The Association of Physical & Natural Therapists & the Federation of Holistic Therapists.

I hold Bowen Therapy & other therapy sessions for people at clinic rooms  in Newent & Ledbury & Bowen Therapy for dogs in & around Gloucester, Forest of Dean & Wye Valley,  Ledbury, Tewkesbury & Malvern. 


For any questions you may have regarding the services I provide please don't hesitate to contact me. 

"Elly is a lovely woman who absolutely puts her best into her treatments. Highly recommend her. 5 star service."



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