Bowen Therapy for Dogs
canine bowen technique
Canine Bowen therapy




Canine Bowen Therapy is a non-invasive physical therapy specifically for relief from pain & restricted movement  in dogs, cats & other small animals.

Canine Bowen Therapy is a popular choice for;

  • recovery from injury 

  • chronic pain 

  • stiffness or muscular tension

  • osteo arthritis & other joint issues

  • back problems

  • neck problems

  • digestive issues

  • stress & anxiety

  • post surgery rehabilitation

  • general physical maintenance for dogs in competitive or non-competitive sports or working trials

  • as a general boost to overall wellbeing.


During a session the therapist makes gentle but firm rolling moves  over specific  points of the body which target the layers of 'fascia' (a type of connective tissue rich in nerve receptors). The session is interspersed with breaks which allow the brain & nervous system to process, recalibrate & effect changes within the body & to give the animal time to process what is happening.

Typical results reported by client carers after a series of 3 to 4 successive Canine Bowen Therapy sessions are ;


  • notable reductions in pain or discomfort

  • improved posture & reduced stiffness

  • increased range of functional movement

  • reduction in recovery time following high energy activity

  • improvement to their overall wellness & mood

**All dogs will require veterinary consent prior to booking a Canine Bowen appointment**





It is estimated that in the UK 80% of dogs over 8yrs & 20% of dogs over 1yr are suffering with osteoarthritis & it is one of the leading causes of elective euthanasia.

The main issue with osteoarthritis is chronic pain. Dogs are very good at developing coping mechanisms making it hard for the owner to notice their dog is in pain until the disease is well established.

The CAM Advocate role involves helping owners to spot the signs of chronic pain early in order to get the veterinary diagnosis needed so treatment with  NSAIDS & /or pain killers, essential for getting the inflammation & pain under control, can begin, followed by offering practical advise to help manage the disease at home.

 I  integrate the CAM Advocate role in my Canine Bowen Therapy sessions & am also able to offer advise outside of my clinic sessions & help give


Canine Arthritis Management
***Canine Bowen Therapy is a complementary therapy & not intended as a replacement for veterinary medical care. If you have any concerns about your dog's health please consult a vet professional***