Child walking dog


Learning how dogs communicate through body language to keep the family safe



Kids Around Dogs was founded by trainer & behaviourist Debby Lucken to help families with children to train and raise their dogs to be great family companions. With a focus on teaching parents & children how to understand canine body language so boundaries are respected KAD approved professionals can provide advice to parents introducing a dog to an already existing family or those bringing in a child, whether by birth, adoption or fostering, into a home where there is already a dog & to provide ongoing support throughout the child's developmental stages to ensure a smooth child-dog relationship. KAD professionals also work closely with schools providing educational in school sessions on understanding canine body language. 

Unique to KAD is the Protocol for Overcoming the Fear of Dogs in children designed by Debby Lucken. Aimed at children between 4 & 16yrs & based on simple cognitive behaviour techniques the course is made up of 7 short online sessions over Zoom or Skype with 3 short in person meet up sessions between the child & their parent/guardian & the KAD professional & a previously screened & selected dog. The course spans 9-10 weeks & to date has proved successful in helping children previously fearful of dogs to feel empowered & able to overcome their anxieties.

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