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What to expect on your first Bowen Therapy appointment

Updated: May 18, 2022

Bowen Therapy is a type of myofascial release technique to help reduce tension or tightness in the body's fascia which can cause unnecessary pain or discomfort. By releasing tensions within the fascia Bowen can effectively deal with compensatory patterns that the body sets up & put you back into balance.

Bowen Therapy is a holistic therapy - we do not aim to treat specific symptoms or conditions but to look at the person & the body as a whole connected system. During a session we take into account every aspect of a person's life such as medical history, diet, lifestyle, sleep patterns, exercise, medication etc. which will be recorded during the consultation period at the start of the session. All details recorded about you will be strictly confidential & kept safe (see my Privacy Policy) You will be expected to wear light clothing & you may be asked to bring a list of any prescription medications you are taking. Each Bowen Therapy session will take up to 1hr & the treatment can be given with the client lying down or seated in a chair or wheelchair. Static & dynamic observations will be made at the start to asses ranges of movement & any specific points of restriction or postural imbalance. With your permission i may take photos or videos to compare progress week to week. You may be prescribed exercises to practice at home once the treatment has ended.

A typical session addresses all muscle groups from the legs, into the abdomen, up the spine to the upper body, neck & head. Subsequent sessions may focus on more specific areas depending on the client's presenting symptoms.

During the session the therapist will insert breaks at appropriate moments - these breaks are an essential part of the treatment & are what sets Bowen apart from other therapies as this is where the changes begin happening because the brain has time to process the sensory input & focus on the body. During the breaks the therapist usually leaves the room for 2mins, at times up to 5mins. During these moments you might feel physical responses such as tingling, stretching, heat, cold or even twitching. This is perfectly normal & a good sign that blood flow & lymphatic drainage are increasing & that tense soft tissue is beginning to unwind. Most clients enter a deeply relaxed state within minutes of the start of the treatment To experience the full benefits of Bowen Therapy you will be advised to book 3-4 initial sessions over several consecutive weeks. Many clients like to return on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis after their initial block of treatments to ensure optimal wellbeing.

I look forward to seeing you!

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