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What to expect on your first Canine Bowen Therapy session

Updated: May 18, 2022

Canine Bowen Therapy is a type of myofascial release technique to help reduce tension or tightness in the body's fascia which can cause unnecessary pain or discomfort. By releasing tensions within the fascia Bowen can effectively deal with compensatory patterns that the body sets up & put your dog back into balance.

Canine Bowen Therapy is a holistic technique - we do not aim to treat specific symptoms or conditions but to look at the dog & the body as a whole connected system. During a therapy session we take into account every aspect of a dog's life such as medical history, diet, lifestyle, sleep patterns, exercise, behavioural traits, personality etc. which will be recorded during the consultation period at the start of the session. A typical Canine Bowen Therapy session will take up to 1 hr & during this time the animal's welfare is paramount at all times - I will be observing body language & subtle signals throughout, if a dog is giving clear signs they have had enough then the treatment will end (it's not uncommon for a dog to accept very little work on a first session but to then go on to accept a full treatment the following week) Some dogs may require a little extra time so please allow for this in your diary. Each Canine Bowen Therapy appointment will begin with static & dynamic observations of the dog to assess any gait or postural issues to ensure the treatment is tailored to their individual presentation. I may take photos or videos with your consent in order to compare from session to session. A typical session addresses all muscle groups from the legs, into the abdomen, through the spine to the cranial/fore quarters, neck & head. Subsequent sessions may focus on more specific areas depending on the client's presenting symptoms. During your Canine Bowen Therapy sessions you may be offered practical advise on lifestyle or exercise changes you can make to improve your dog's quality of life relative to their presenting symptoms. You are advised to book 3-4 initial sessions over several consecutive weeks to ensure your dog feels the full benefit of the therapy.

I look forward to working with you & your dog!

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