Why choose Bowen Therapy to relieve your back pain?

Updated: May 18

Nowadays there are an ever increasing number of complementary therapies to choose from, all with similar expected outcomes.

So how do you choose between Bowen Therapy, osteopathy, chiro, massage, sports massage, deep tissue massage etc etc when you are suffering back pain & want some relief?

Here is what sets Bowen Therapy apart from other treatments:

  • No manipulation or harsh adjustments

Bowen Therapy is very gentle - there is only 1 'Bowen move' - skin slack, pressure, roll - it is the same move performed over various specific points of the body throughout a session. The pressure used is relative to the tension in the tissues at each point. The more tense the area the less pressure is applied. The client should never feel pain while the move is being made. The Bowen therapist is not aiming to make adjustments, there is no manipulation of tissue just a move which creates a 'disturbance' in the fascia which gets picked up by the nervous system & processed by the brain. Due to its subtle nature it is suitable for all ages & all pain levels.

  • Bowen breaks are where the results happen

Bowen Therapy sessions are interspersed with 2 minute breaks, usually placed after working on an area the therapist thinks the brain needs to pay particular attention to. The breaks are essential - when the Bowen therapist stops the body has time to relay the sensory input from the moves to the brain so it can begin effecting changes to the output. It's a bit like setting the body back to default.

  • Bowen Therapy is holistic

Every aspect of your life- past injuries, emotional trauma, lifestyle, medication, medical conditions, exercise routines, how much water you drink etc etc -can impact how you experience pain. All this information will be taken into account & might influence how much pressure a Bowen therapist uses, how much Bowen they do in 1 session, what extra advice they give & which areas of the body they work on - your back pain might not be the problem! The reason your back is hurting could be that when you were 12 you twisted your ankle & since then your body has developed a series of compensatory patterns which have resulted in you waking up 1 day, aged 35, feeling like you are 80! Just because you have back pain doesn't necessarily mean that in a Bowen session the therapist will work on your back!

  • Bowen Therapy results are long lasting

As much as we love working with you, we don't want to see you over & over again with the same back pain that keeps returning! Bowen therapists like to get to the bottom of why you are feeling pain in your body. Once we do the results tend to hold for a long time or long term, but the process usually takes between 3 & 4 initial sessions. And what's even better - we don't just do back pain! Heads, shoulders, knees, toes.......necks, glutes, hamstrings, quads....if it's part of your body & it hurts Bowen can help!

  • Bowen Therapy is VERY relaxing

Within minutes of beginning a Bowen session clients usually slip into a very relaxed state where they are not quite present but are still able to respond to questions or instructions - we call it "planet Bowen". It happens because the moves connect with the parasympathetic nervous system (responsible for rest, digest & repair) as opposed to the autonomic nervous system (responsible for fight or flight). This is especially great for people who struggle to switch off & great for reducing pain levels as the nervous system is reset to a calmer level.

  • Bowen Therapy is versatile & you get to keep your clothes on!

The Bowen moves can be performed through light clothing, so getting to keep your kit on is a bonus! Usually the client will lie both on their front & on their back on a massage couch during a session but if this is uncomfortable you can lie on your side. Those with mobility issues who would struggle to get on & off a couch can remain seated in a chair or stay in their wheelchair if they use one. It can even be applied to someone standing up - Bowen doesn't really care! We even have a couple of emergency procedures - the ankle moves for acute ankle injuries can be used anywhere. The asthma move is a simple move we can perform to help buy someone a little more time during an asthma attack while they are waiting for the emergency services to arrive.

What's not to like?!

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