I am taking extra measures to ensure client safety during the Covid 19 pandemic:

*To reduce appointment time I will arrange a 30 min telephone or online consultation to get a detailed record of your general health & wellbeing, medical history & presenting symptoms

*Your hands-on therapy session will be limited to 45mins maximum.

*You will be expected to answer some Covid screening questions by telephone 24 hrs before your session.

*You will be expected to wear a face mask/face covering unless you are exempt for medical reasons. I will also ask to check your temperature. (You are within your right to refuse but this will be recorded in your client notes)

*Upon arrival for your appointment you will be requested to remain outside in your vehicle or at a minimum 2m distance from the entrance & I will come out to greet you. You are requested where possible to not touch door handles & let me leave the door open for you.

*Upon entering & leaving the building you will be required to use the hand sanitisers.

*Please do not bring extra people with you unless they can wait outside. This does not apply to under 16s who will still need a parent or guardian present during their session or other clients who require a chaperone.

*Please only bring essential items to the session – where possible leave bags, mobile phones, extra clothing etc at home or in your vehicle.

*The 2m physical distance rule will be maintained up to the point of starting the hands on session.

*I will be wearing face mask & visor & an apron which will be changed after each client.

*I will wash hands thoroughly before & after each client & will sanitise hands at the start & end of each 2 minute break during Bowen Therapy sessions.

*There will be a gap of 30 mins between clients to adequately sanitise the room between sessions.

*Any coverings used to keep clients warm will be changed after each session & washed at 60ﹾc at the end of the day

*Payment is to be made by BACS, Paypal or via contactless where possible and is required within 24 hours of the treatment.

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